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Gregory Alford, MS. Psy.

My Coach training comes from the International Coach Academy (, as well as a master’s degree of science in psychology, and more than 15 years of service as a marketing, communications and business development executive for several large healthcare organizations. In addition, I have owned two small businesses and worked as a newspaper reporter for newspapers in California and Illinois.

Gregory Alford MS. Psy.

Gregory Alford MS. Psy.

In 2013, I began taking on coaching and consulting clients. In 2014 I followed my dream of personal and professional excellence when I exited an executive position and formed my own coaching and consulting company, Accelerated Coaching & Consulting, LLC.

Based in Naperville, Illinois, about 25 miles southwest of Chicago, I specialize in providing phone and video coaching to my clients. In-person sessions may also be arranged for those who live in the Naperville area.

My Specialties 

I specialize in coaching:

  • Business owners
  • Those currently in leadership positions or transitioning into a leadership position for the first time
  • People seeking to develop more meaningful relationships with their loved ones

Key discovery and action areas of our partnership may include:

  •  Goals clarification
  • Discovering and building your strengths
  • Creating and organizing priorities
  • Work-life balance
  • Managing conflict
  • Values clarification
  • Gaps between goals, values and your style of life
  • Authentic living


I also provide consulting service to help you accelerate the growth of your business with marketing and communications services, which include:

  • Branding audits
  • Re-branding marketing and communications (internal and external) materials
  • Develop messaging for all of  your key stakeholder audiences
  • Starting and growing a social media presence
  • Media relations and media training
  • Culture change communication

Please call me at 815.985.4229,  email me at or use the contact form below for more information or to schedule your free introductory session.

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